Membership Subscription

We provide four types of memberships to cater for different needs. Your subscription payment entitles you to a 365 days membership before renewal will be required again.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter and attend to our public events casually, please contact us for further information.  Simply contact our Executive Director directly on

Corporate $ 450.00

The corporate membership entitles members’ benefits for up to three nominees from one company. This membership is tailored for larger scale companies. Join Here

Individual $ 200.00

The individual membership entitles members’ benefit for one person. Join Here

Country $ 80.00

This membership is ideal for those who live outside of Auckland and who will not be able to attend events but still wish to receive updates from our affiliates and us. Join Here

Student & Recent Graduates $ 20.00

This membership category exist for currently registered students AND for recent graduates.  If you are interested and qualify then please Join Here

Membership Benefits

Fully paid members are able to access special exclusive airfare deals to HK, China, Asia and UK/Europe flying Cathay Pacific Airways. In most cases the discount will cover the cost of your yearly membership fee. Contact us here for more information.

Fully paid members are also able to access special exclusive room booking rates at the Highly sought after Cordis Hotel.  Contact us here for more information.