Posted on March 7, 2019, 1:15 am, by Executive Director, under Uncategorized

The Hong Kong Land Registry is a government department of the HKSAR responsible for registration of instruments affecting land in Hong Kong. They also maintain the land registers which record the particulars of registered instruments for public search. The Registry is committed to continuously improve their services and have recently launched the Property Alert service which benefits all owners of Hong Kong properties, whether they are staying in Hong Kong or overseas.

Property Alert is a smart tool which provides individual and corporate owners of Hong Kong properties with an easy way to remain vigilant of their properties at an affordable fee. During the subscription period, the Land Registry will send email notifications to property owners when instruments affecting their properties have been lodged for registration, as well as when the instruments have been registered. Property Alert helps property owners detect unexpected or suspicious instruments delivered for registration against their properties early to enable them to take prompt follow-up actions and/or consult their lawyers.

Property Alert offers features which are tailor-made to provide more convenience to owners of Hong Kong properties, particularly those staying outside Hong Kong for extended periods of time. First, they offer two subscription options:

a) “Two year subscription period” at HK$250 (approx. NZD $47)

b) “One-off subscription period” at HK$580 (approx, NZD $108), (Which remains valid until a change of property ownership)

The latter option obviate the need for service renewal and provides greater value for money to those property owners who have no plans to sell their properties in the near future. Second, apart from submitting applications in person at the offices of the Land Registry, from now on property owners may also send in applications by post.

If you are interested please visit the Land Registry website here If you have any further queries please contact (+852 2867 2688) or (+852 2867 5710).