Executive Member

Olive Chen is a Director of DMS (Dynamic Medical Supply), Director of Trisan New Zealand, Former General Manager of the World Alcohol Beverage Alliance Society (Hong Kong Branch)

Olive has more than twelve years experience in international trade, supply chain, sourcing management (China). She is the founder of Trisan New Zealand, which was established in 2010. Trisan is a one-stop business consultancy for New Zealand businesses wanting to market their products and services to China.

In 2013, Olive was invited to work for WABA (World Alcohol Beverage Alliance Society), as the general manager of the Hong Kong branch which she did for 5 years. WABA is a non-profit, China government backed organization. One of Olive’s achievements is to bring one of the Chinese national liquor Moutai brands, Tianchao Shangping to New Zealand in 2018.

Olive is also the director and cofounder of DMS (Dynamic Medical Supply). In 2020, with the sudden emergence of Covid-19, DMS started focusing on PPE supplies for New Zealand and the rest of the world. Through connections established over a combined twelve years in China, Hong Kong, and New Zealand, Olive has provided New Zealand medical companies and government agencies with a reliable supply of medical consumables and equipment. Furthermore, DMS is also an approved distributor for ten major Chinese medical supply companies in New Zealand, including Orient Gene Biotech who are a New Zealand government approved Rapid Antigen Test manufacturer.

Outside work, Olive enjoys spending time with her family and friends, including the occasional round of golf.