Martin Abert is the Chairman of FunctionEight Limited, an IT solutions provider delivering stress free IT support & web services to hundreds of business across the APAC region.  He also works closely as an Associate with A-Pass, a corporate secretarial services company in Hong Kong.

Martin understands and has experienced first-hand, how to do business in Hong Kong. He spent 15 years living there, was married there and his children were born there. Now living in New Zealand, there are few people as well connected throughout the APAC region, that understand the dynamics of building and running a business in SE Asia.  His passion is to continue helping businesses to expand their operations and achieve business success in the region, as well as understanding the role of IT in assisting with this expansion/growth success.

Martin’s unique skill is in understanding from first hand experience what it means to setup and run a business in Hong Kong.  He also understands the requirements and process of delivering IT solutions for clients, bridging the gap between tech geeks and normal mortals.

Contact details:-
Mob NZ   021 203-6108
Mob HK   852 9812-4500