Workplace Integrated Learning: Co-operative Education

The AUT University ensures their graduates hit the deck running in their chosen careers the AUT Business School developed a highly successful workplace experience programme called Co-operative Education. Co-operative Education is a key point of difference for our degree and has strong support with employers and industry.

What are the benefits of employing a Co-operative Education student?

Co-operative Education students have the potential to contribute a great deal to your organisation. They will carry out their specific role and complete the tasks assigned to them. As well, they will bring with them some of the latest thinking from their field of study and their fresh ideas, youthful energy and enthusiasm that can add a new and different dimension to your organisation.

Students learn on the job, apply their classroom learning to real situations and problems and develop aspects of their professional practice. Co-operative Education students undertake a wide variety of work placements that enable them to experience the complexity of the real world of business first hand. It is essential that they have hands on practical experience with processes or tasks related to their field of study.

How long is the placement?

The minimum requirement is for a student to work full-time in the workplace over a 9 week period (360 hours). However many students have a placement that is longer than this eg. some students might have a 3 month placement that starts before and ends after the 9 week compulsory period. Other students incorporate their Co-operative Education into their full time, permanent employment.

How do I employ a Co-operative Education student?

Self-placement is one of the principles underlying Co-operative Education – students are responsible for finding their own positions. They are expected to create a CV, hunt out opportunities, apply for positions and participate in your standard recruitment processes. Payment is negotiated between you and your students. AUT has an online recruitment tool for students where you can post advertisements for Co-operative Education vacancies.

If you have an employment opportunity for a Co-operative Education student please contact: 

Kate Coleman, Co-operative Education Manager
Phone: 09 921 9323