StartmeupHK Venture Programme 2013 Winner Profile: D’Arcy Polychrome

D’Arcy Polychrome has developed a process called Drikolor, which delivers colour through dry granulated pigments that are mixed into base paints at point of use or point of sale. This technology is enabling D’Arcy Polychrome’s clients to add value to their services and be rapidly reactive to their customers’ colour needs. D’Arcy Polychrome strives to deliver colour to business and customers in an innovative format; it is a disruptive technology and the company has global ambitions.

D'Arcy Polychrome

Why did D’Arcy Polychrome choose the StartmeupHK Venture Programme?
“The StartmeupHK Venture Programme provides us with a fantastic opportunity to break into the Asian paint market. It is much easier to deliver our proprietary colour tinting system to these markets with a base in Hong Kong. We aim to create a premium Hong Kong Designer Brand with local designers and architects by using our Drikolor tinting system that can be exported globally. ”