Introducing The Langham Mooncake

Make this year’s Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival celebration even more heartfelt with The Langham Auckland Mooncake. Every year when the moon is at its roundest, friends and family gather to wish their loved ones a long and happy life by presenting them with a mooncake during the Mid-Autumn Festival (September 19-21).
For the first time in its enchanting history, The Langham, Auckland is proud to present an exquisite selection of mooncakes which can now be purchased at Eight restaurant for a limited time only. Packaged in a luxurious gold gift box containing an assortment of four thin-crusted red bean and white lotus seed with one egg yolk mooncakes, each box costs $88.
Celebrate the special festival by purchasing a gorgeous gift box to wish your loved ones well. But only while stocks last.
To order a gift box or to make a booking at Eight restaurant, call 09 300 2924 or email